Speaker Handout Information


Keynote and pre-conference handouts will be provided at check-in.

Keynote handouts will be provided at check-in

Breakout session handouts and short course handouts will available here for two weeks before and after the conference.


Breakout Sessions:

1. Birth to 3 Language Intervention: Motor/Paired with Speech Strategies and Family Training in Play

2. Complications Related to Cleft Palate Speech Intervention; When to Refer to Other Specialists on the Cleft Team

3. Collaboration between SLPs and OTs: Enhancing Telepractice Service Delivery

4. The Art of Practical Self-Care for Busy Lives

5. Up Your Game! Using Improv in your therapy sessions, in classrooms, and in your life!

6. Working with DHH Students

7. Assessment and Intervention for English language learners: Panel Discussion

8. Clinical Counseling in Speech-Language Pathology

9. Revisiting the Colorado Auditory Processing Model: A Panel Discussion

10. Collaborative Teaching of Language and Literacy: A Continuum for Emergent Learners with Complex Communication Needs.

11. Lunch Bunch: Taking a Bite Out of Social Skills

12. Growth Mindsets in the Therapy Room

13. Order up!

14. Expecting the Unexpected: Maintaining effective therapy when plan A doesn’t go as planned

15. This Looks Like A Job For..... Super Social Skills Interventions

16. Functional and Social Communication for the Gen. Ed Classroom

17. AAC in the Preschool Classroom