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FEBRUARY 8 - 9, 2019

Conference Keynote:

Lizbeth H. Finestack, Ph. D., CCC-SLP is an associate professor and the director of graduate studies in the Department of Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences at the University of Minnesota. Through her research, she aims to identify efficient and effective language interventions for children and adolescents with neurodevelopmental disorders, including children with developmental language disorder, primary language impairment, Down syndrome, fragile X syndrome, or autism spectrum disorder. She is currently developing and evaluating new approaches to teach grammatical forms to children with language impairment.

Assessing, Designing, and Implementing Interventions Targeting Children's Grammatical Language

Weaknesses in the use of grammatical language forms is commonly identified as a weakness for children with language impairment, including children with developmental language delay, autism spectrum disorder, and Down syndrome. Related to this topic, this session will focus on techniques to use to assess the grammatical language skills of children in a manner that will allow for goal development and monitoring of progress. Additionally, the session will include tips for how to incorporate evidence-based approaches to teach grammatical forms effectively and efficiently. Resources will be shared to allow clinicians to easily implement presented assessment and intervention techniques.