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February 7, 2020
7:55 - 3:30

Hanna Bogan Novak,

Fill Your Toolbox: Metacognitive Strategies to Support Executive Functioning and Regulation

We are thrilled to host Hanna Bogen Novak. Hanna Bogen Novak is a Speech-Language Pathologist and Social-Cognitive Specialist based in Los Angeles, CA, with a primary focus on early intervention and pediatric therapies that support self-regulation, social communication, executive functioning, and speech and language deficits. Hanna provides therapy to children, adolescents and teens through her private practice, Bogen Speech & Language Therapy, and the Center for Connection. Additionally she consults and collaborates with schools and therapy teams to support greater understanding of self-regulation, executive functioning, emotional-regulation, and social-cognitive strategies. She has trained teachers, parents, and professionals across the United States, including presentations at the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association (ASHA) National Convention in 2017, the California Speech-Language and Hearing Association Conventions in 2015, 2016, and 2017, the Arizona Speech-Language and Hearing Association Conventions in 2017 and 2018, and the ASHA Schools Connect Conference in 2019. Hanna works with a diverse population of clients, including those diagnosed with ADHD, ASD, language and/or auditory processing disorders, executive functioning deficits, and speech and/or language disorders.

Fill Your Toolbox: Metacognitive Strategies to Support Executive Functioning and Regulation

Course Description: Executive functioning (EF) and emotional-regulation (ER) challenges are often present for students receiving speech and language therapy. Speech-Language Pathologists benefit from understanding the development of self-regulation and higher order thinking, and how to support strong EF and ER capacities as their students learn new skills for improved communication and academic development.
In order to facilitate independent initiation of supports and strategies, therapists must help their students develop metacognitive thinking skills (i.e., thinking about one’s own thinking) in order to allow them to engage their executive functioning skills for social and academic success. Whether learning about the brain and impulses, building a mindfulness practice, improving emotional-regulation skills, reflecting on strategies and outcomes, or taking stock of personal strengths, interests and challenges, metacognitive thinking skills can be woven into all types of therapy sessions. Participants will learn about metacognition, executive functioning, and regulation as they relate to successful communication and learning. Attendees will build their toolboxes of functional strategies to support students’ development of impulse inhibition, strategic thinking, emotional-regulation, motivation, and overall self-awareness. Presented strategies will apply to a variety of ages, diagnoses, and therapy contexts to demonstrate that all students benefit from the ability to regulate in the face of new learning opportunities.

Learner Outcomes: At the conclusion of this workshop participants will be able to:

1. Define executive functioning, self-regulation, emotional-regulation, and metacognition as they relate to therapeutic success for communication development.
2. Informally assess a client’s executive functioning skills to determine a profile for relative strengths and challenges.
3. Design and implement at least two appropriate strategies to support a student’s ability to inhibit impulses.
4. Design and implement at least two appropriate strategies to support a student’s development of emotional vocabulary and emotional-regulation capacities.
5. Design and implement at least two appropriate strategies to support a student’s strategic thinking skills.

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